Our pledge

Help eliminating the use of plastic on golf courses and promote golf as a sustainable sport. EcoTee’s golf tees are made from bamboo which grows pretty rapidly, making it a perfect material to create tees from.


Yes, our tees will break and you will lose them, but don’t feel bad, our tees will biodegrade as opposed to their plastic counterparts whose remains you can find on and around tee boxes all over the world.



Our 25mm graduated bamboo tee is the alternative to the typically used plastic 25mm green castle tee. This tee sits 5mm above ground and perfect for your iron and hybrid tee-shots into those par 3’s or dogleg corners.

Our 32mm graduated bamboo tee is the alternative to the typically used plastic 32mm red castle tee. This tee sits 10mm above ground and perfect for your longer irons and fairway wood tee-shots.

25mm graduated bamboo castle step tee

35mm graduated bamboo castle step tee

The bags will contain minimum 50 or 100 pieces. Why minimum? Tsave on labour costs, we weigh our bags, typically the bags will contain a few more tees than indicated.

On average, amateur golfers use 4x 25mm and 4x 32 mm tees per round on a typical 18 hole par 72 golf course. If you lose or break half of them per round, one bag will be enough supply for a year depending on the number of rounds you play.

Choose a bag of 100 if you play about 25 rounds per year. Choose a bag of 50 if you play less, e.g. mainly during the season or 9 hole courses.

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The EcoTee golf tees come packed in a 100% compostable bag, certified in accordance with European standard EN13432.  This applies to both paper & labelling (unbleached kraft, FSC-certified,) and the plastic window/film which is made from wood pulp, maize starch or sugar beet. This film looks like plastic, but it is made of 100% natural raw materials.

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Stop using plastic golf tees which cause long lasting ecological damage when left behind. Together we can create a drive towards sustainability in golf! #ecotee #forsustainablegolf #breakfreefromplastic www.ecotee.be